Cipher Auto has special discounts for car clubs as well as forum groups that currently have working websites. Sponsored clubs will get discounts on most if not all our current product lines as well as being listed on our club list. If your car club or forum gets approved, we will create a club unique discount code to be used for your club or forum only. You will be able to use this code online or over the phone.

We also have special programs for group buys and the discounts can reach a much higher amount when ordering quantity of one set item. Please contact us at sponsorship@cipherauto.com as we offer many different discounts depending on how much exposure your team/club/forum gets.

Due to the high of sponsorship requests, Cipher Auto requires completion of a Sponsorship Application. This application can be filed via our online form or fax the completed application to Cipher Sponsorship Department for review, Each sponsorship applicants will receive proper attention and consideration.