Seat Brackets

When you say “bracket” or “mounting bracket”, it probably means a rigid metal frame that can be attached to a vehicle floor. It provides the foundation for the seat and secures it to the vehicle. This means, that it’s essentially just a “fixed framing” onto which the seat can be fastened. They are usually assembled with a slider because a car seat bracket alone will not enable you to move forward and backward. The most common brackets are metal frames (steel or aluminum), rectangular in shape, with holes strategically placed to match a vehicles interior mounting scheme.

Seat brackets are necessary to give your seat flexibility and security. It can also enhance the performance of the driver and acts as a support system for the racing seat. A good quality bracket will ensure a comfortable position for the driver and passenger. With a new racing seat, you will also have to buy accompanying brackets and sliders. Using stock brackets will work, but only with much customization and sore thumbs or limbs involved.

Some will advertise “universal” brackets meaning they will fit in 99% of all cars, but to save time and money, it’s best to get one from the same manufacturer. Always remember that brackets are car-specific while the sliders are seat-specific. Let us assume that you are installing your car seat without professional help. One thing you should check first is if you have the right type of seat bracket. Aside from checking that it’s compatible with your car and seat model, check whether you have a passenger or driver side bracket (of course, it depends where you want to install your car seat).

The center bracket can be shared by both seats, while others are unique to each side. The passenger’s side bracket has a chamfered corner; this will tell you what kind of bracket you have. Before disassembling anything, always make sure that you have everything you need and everything you might not need. In this case, keep a close eye on the seat/s, sliders, brackets, adapters (if any), and all other tools. If for some reason, you think you do not have the right tools or you do not have a tool box at all, it probably means you have little or no experience in mechanics. In this case, better walk away slowly and save yourself from the headache and sore body parts and just call in a friend or better yet, a professional.