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Cipher Auto Seat Bracket provides the perfect fit for any Cipher Racing or aftermarket seat. Avoid having to go to a shop and deal with all the custom work needed to get the perfect fit. With our seat bracket, you'll be able to bolt everything up and go without a fuss.


List of Model:

1974-1978 Toyota  Landcruiser Seat Bracket - Driver Side    Model:  7327TYLDCR-DR * FJ40
1974-1978 Toyota  Landcruiser Seat Bracket - Passenger Side    Model:  7327TYLDCR-DR * FJ40
1979-1983 Toyota  Landcruiser Seat Bracket - Driver Side    Model: 7328TYLDCR-DR *FJ40
1979-1983 Toyota  Landcruiser Seat Bracket - Passenger Side    Model: 7328TYLDCR-DR *FJ40
1980-1985 Toyota  Landcruiser Seat Bracket - Driver Side    Model: 7329TYLDCR-DR *FJ60
1980-1985 Toyota  Landcruiser Seat Bracket - Passenger Side    Model: 7329TYLDCR-DR *FJ60
1986-1990 Toyota  Landcruiser Seat Bracket - Driver Side    Model: 7330TYLDCR-DR *FJ60/62
1986-1990 Toyota  Landcruiser Seat Bracket - Passenger Side    Model: 7330TYLDCR-DR *FJ60/62
1991-1996 Toyota  Landcruiser Seat Bracket - Driver Side    Model: 7331TYLDCR-DR *J80
1991-1996 Toyota  Landcruiser Seat Bracket - Passenger Side    Model: 7331TYLDCR-DR *J80


Cipher Auto Seat Bracket is custom made in the United States and require a minimum of 2 weeks of fabrication.


Due to high volume during holiday season, any Cipher Bracket placed on or after December 1st will require a minimum of 4 WEEKS of fabrication. Please call to inquire rush service which may be available with an additional charge.


Note: If you are not using Cipher Seats, please provide us with the bottom mounting measurement of your seats for.




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