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Racing Seats

Racing Seats

CPA1000 Series Racing Seat Installation Guide

Note: Aftermarket racing seats may be incompatible with modern SRS airbag systems. Though there are ways to bypass the airbag system, Cipher Auto will not be held liable for any complications that may arise from this. Please be aware of this fact before purchase and installation.

Rev. 1 [2/16/11]

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Racing Seat Components:

  • - Reclining Adjustment Plastic Cover
  • - Seat Base Hardware Plastic Cover
  • - Mounting Screw [M4x10, M5x10]
  • - Seat Base Hardware [M10]
  • - Screw [M8x16, M8x35]
  • - Spacer and Screw Caps
  • - Reclining Adjustment Hardware
  • - Reclining Adjustment Plastic Cover
  • - Seat Base
  • - Top Half of Seat

Tools Needed:

  • - Socket Wrench
  • - 1/2" Socket (Deep socket if possible)
  • - 11/16" Socket
  • - Phillips Screwdriver


Take out your racing seats from the box and check for any damages prior to installation. Make sure all the correct hardware is included before proceeding. There will be a Racing Seat Components document included in your package, use this to reference all hardware that is required.

Remove Existing Seats

  • - Adjust the position of the car seat to an upright position, making sure it will not slip.
  • - Locate the four bolts that fasten the seat onto the car frame, open the covers, and remove the bolts.
  • - Tilt the seat onto its back and remove all connections, including the seat belt wire and any electrical wires.
  • - Roll the seat onto its side and swing it out to remove it from the car.
  • - Locate the plastic cover on the side of the seat with the seat belt receiver, and remove the two screws holding it on.
  • - Remove the long bolt holding the seat belt receiver to the seat, and replace the plastic cover.

Assembling Racing Seats

  • 1. Bolt all hardware up to the bottom cushion and remove before assembly to ensure easy threading during the installation process.
  • 2. Place your racing seat either on its side or standing up.
  • 3. Start with the side with the metal tab located to the rear back of the bottom cushion (I).
  • 4. Place (J) on top of (I).

Racing Seats Installation Guide

  • 5. Align the single bolt hole on (J) with the hole on the metal tab on (I).
  • 6 .Install bolt (D) to combine (J) and (I) together, making sure not to tighten them completely.

Racing Seats Installation Guide

  • 7. Turn the seat around and place it on its side facing (G).

Racing Seats Installation Guide

  • 8. Align the farthest rear hole on (I) with the rear hole of the reclining hardware (G).
  • 9. Install bolt (E) to the rear of (I) first.
  • 10. Proceed to the front hole and use bolt (E) to complete the main part of the installation. Make sure not to tighten completely.

Racing Seats Installation Guide

  • 11. Move to the opposite side once again and tighten bolt (D) first.
  • 12. Proceed to the opposite side and tighten all the remaining bolts (E).
  • 13. Determine which part (A) to use based on whether the driver or passenger side is being worked on. Part (A) will have a groove at the bottom of the plastic piece; this groove will always be located on the bottom when installed correctly. If the plastic cover tapers to the left, the piece is for the driver side. If the plastic cover tapers to the right, this piece will be used for the passenger side.

Racing Seats Installation Guide

  • 14. Once you have to correct part (A) for the side you are working on, slide the cover over the reclining handle and fasten the cover with screw (C). Pull on the reclining handle slightly to gain access to the hole. [We ship our racing seats with the handle cover on already for shipping purposes, please remove before installing the plastic cover (A)]

Racing Seats Installation Guide

  • 15. Install handle cover and fasten with (C).

Racing Seats Installation Guide

  • 16. Move to the opposite side and place (B) over the metal tab. Find the screw (C) that has both a Phillips and flat head end; this screw will be used to mount (B).

Racing Seats Installation Guide

  • 17. Sliders are installed from the factory.

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